The Flight-case products from us


For each type of object transported, designing an appropriate flight case.
These are classified by us and coded categories.
There are items or items that do not need special protection, but thanks to the flight cases, can be arranged to suit you; others, however, need adequate protection from damage caused by loading and unloading.
Another important aspect is to be able to transport types of equipment already connected to each other, in such a way as to make them immediately usable.
Within these cases, usually, are assembled video equipment for air broadcasts, mobile production units, installations of trucks or vans operations for environmental monitoring, video surveillance, and office furniture.

These can be made following two types:

suitable standard recognized worldwide
according to standard measures predetermined by our company

19 ''
Usually these containers have standard sizes of type world, but can be changed to suit you.
May be one, two or three lids, with fixed wheels or on skate removable, double guides for heavy equipment, with power, with drawers or shelves removable shelves, trays with aeration, etc.
Rack Antishock
All our flight cases are suitable for the transport of delicate materials as resistant to stresses which may occur during the transportation.
In some cases the resistance may be increased to create flight-case particularly resistant to any kind of shock.
Audio equipment

These flight cases, are used for the transport of audio speakers of all sizes and kinds.
In the majority of cases are realized silhouettes where they can stay, on other occasions the cases are realized in such a way as to allow immediate use of the speakers, by removing the lid only.
The speakers, sometimes having particular shapes and heavy weight, they become difficult to handle; This category of flight cases, usually provided with wheels, avoids these drawbacks and makes it easier loading, unloading and stowage.
Equipment for Soft Air
The airsoft or air soft (English airsoft or air soft), or even tactical shooting sports, is a role-playing game that, through tactics and strategies, simulates combat using firearms and combat equipment.
The game is so detailed and true to real situations from being officially recognized as a sport by CONI.

Recreational although completely harmless, reproduce exactly true weapons and accurate instruments of war.
For this turn out to be just as delicate and their transportation needs special care as dust, water and shock may undermine their integrity and their operation.
Video equipment

Alta is the attention during the design of flight cases in this category.
They are typically used for the transport of
· Plasma monitors,
· Projectors,
· Cameras,
· Equipment for directing etc.
and can be customized on request with storage compartments, special openings, wheels and more.
Console & Mixer for DeeJay
These flight cases are designed to hold banks directed by type:
· Audio and video,
· For air broadcasts,
· Lights and headlights various.

May also contain
· Audio mixer,
· Console for DJs,
· Console furniture for radio and TV, etc.

Usually made to order with possibility to keep all the devices connected to each other, with internal power supply and wiring compartment cover.

They are made mainly for transport and storage of spare parts, electronic equipment, transmission systems, clothing, sports equipment in general.

In particular:
· Motoring and motorcycling,
· Go-kart,
· Bike,
· Surf,
· Rowing
Horse riding
· Tennis
· Hunting
· Skeet shooting
· Transport sportswear for soccer leagues, basketball, tennis, etc.
They are ideal for transporting and stacking type of radio-controlled models, airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, allowing the insertion of rooms for starter kits, cases for remote controls and servants and "cases organizer" for spare parts of various kinds.
These flight cases are made according to customer's specific requirements.
Music - Musical Instruments

They are designed for the transport of one or more musical instruments together, such as:
· Keyboards
· Guitars
· Pedals
· Percussion
· Microphones
A request, for the transport of delicate equipment, it is possible to make containers of type shock.
Medicine - Aesthetics - Personal trainer
They are made for the transport of medical equipment, medicines, tools for personal training.
For each type of item delivered designing adequate protection.

Ideal for representatives or for those who have the need to transport samples also already assembled and ready for demonstrations.
Food Products
They are primarily designed for the transportation and delivery of hot meals, cooktops portable, transportation crockery, glassware transport, portable mini bar, etc.
Amateur Radio - Surveillance Institutes

These flight case are made for the transport of radio transmitters, radio bridges, masts, poles, towers, cables, generators, with the possibility of becoming benches complete support for dx and experiments and to insert the rack guides to support equipment 19 ".
Mobile offices
The characteristic of these flight case, is the ability to have your own office, its operating plan available anytime, anywhere, simply by raising or removing the cover completely.
They can be manufactured to any kind of need, adding drawers for classifiers, keyboard drawers, shelves fixed and removable, internal power supply, lamps, etc.
Technical furniture

The MGpro addition to the large production of flight case, designs and manufactures furniture

recording studios,
operations centers,
console director for radio and television,
console for discos,
offices, etc.

respecting all-encompassing, technical and regulatory.


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