For each type of object transported, designing an appropriate flight case.
These are classified by us and coded categories.

There are items or items that do not need special protection, but thanks to the flight cases, can be arranged to suit you; others, however, need adequate protection from damage caused by loading and unloading.
Another important aspect is to be able to transport types of equipment already connected to each other, in such a way as to make them immediately usable.
Within these cases, usually, are assembled video equipment for air broadcasts, mobile production units, installations of trucks or vans operations for environmental monitoring, video surveillance, and office furniture

Audio Video Communication tools, graphics, image, sound.
Flight Case constructed with careful choice of materials, robust, to protect the contents from shock and vibration, custom-designed for a particular sector or specific product.
Useful for carrying naval, air and road equipment fragile.

» sound
» Video
» Image
» Lights
» Rack 19'
Work case Flight Case designed to improve, simplify and organize care any type of work. Are possible combinations of various kinds according to the required needs.

» Mobile offices
» Mechanical workshop
» Barman freestyle
» Tool
» Make-up station
» Station coiffeur
» Station tattoo
» Sewing machine
» dJ booth
» Stackable flight case
» Stackable flight cases
» Flight Case Standard
Musical instruments Line studied and designed to ensure the best instrument integrity,while providing comfort and safety.
Suitable for any musical instrument and additional accessories.

» Instruments Keyboard
» Wind instruments
» Stringed instruments
» Percussion instruments
» Electric instruments
» Accessories
Cine-photo and theater We produce the best solution based on the needs required for an organized transport and light:
wardrobes for clothes and costumes, cabins test, dressers, make-up station, etc.
Equipped with an electrical system, lighting and mirrors.

Art and entertainment Flight Case comfortable and safe, constructed for use in the field, designed for every need:
magic shows, entertainment, karaoke, cabaret, street artists, cover bands, art exhibitions, etc.

» Karaoke
» Magic shows
» Circus shows
» Works of art
Sport VVarious sectors who use our Flight Case:
motoring, motorcycling, biking, horseback riding, fishing, fitness, etc.

» Motoring
» Motorcycling
» Horse Riding
» Bike
» Spinning bike
» Snowboard
» Helmets
» Go Kart
Furnishing Subject modern and design, to furnish with style small and large spaces:
Dwelling, showrooms, fashion, local, studio, office, stand, exhibitions, etc.

» Exhibitions
» Furnishing stores
» Office Furniture
» Home decor
Catering Specially built to make transport and work simple and functional.
Made with quality material, in the food industry, handles, locks, cantonal, hinges, etc., can be provided in stainless steel.

» Kenwood chef
» Food processor
» Refrigerators
» Mobile kitchens for catering
» wine bottle holder
Medical equipment Our Flight Case protect the contents in this case sensitive and expensive equipment, shock, vibration, dust and phenomena weather .Il material used is carefully chosen to ensure a robust Flight cases while light for moving.

» Sonogram
» Electrostimulators
» Q-switched laser
» Pulsed light
» Dentistry equipment
Security Flight Case, specially constructed to contain material security, facilitating transportation, practical and comfortable to carry in your car, van ecc. dimensions to customer request.

» Fire extinguisher
» Emergency kit
Modeling Line designed for amateurs and professionals in the field:
RC models, RC planes, RC helicopters, drone, amateur radio, etc.
Made with shaped sponges, ensuring strength and ductility in the transportation as needed.

» Drone RC
» RC Helicopters
» RC cars
» Motorcycles RC
» RC Boats
» Accessories
Weaponry Flight Case, lightweight and impact resistant, with anchoring system, pallet trucks and shock.
Dimensions and designed interiors for each request.

Airsoft weapons
Military weapons
Weapons defense
Hunting weapons
Various applications Thanks to ongoing research in the field of innovative materials and products, MGpro meets the most varied demands.
Finally offers a wide range of products not on the list.

» The details
» Expanded shaped
» The materials
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